Best electric pressure washer for 2021: Reviews and Buying Tips

Best electric pressure washer

The stocking every year I try and do a pressure washer review guess what this is it I’m gone break down my two top picks for pressure washers for the average electrical pressure washer for home and cars, homeowner and the way that I did it was as I put the accessories with an Amazon link when you click on that link it’ll say do you want to add this to your cart.

So, the reason why I did that is so that you can stay on that page and you can click it a new page will open up you can add it to your cart close it down come back look through all the accessories and the things I’m talking about and then later.

On after you’re done with all that you can go to your Amazon cart all those things will be inside your cart you can go through hand see what’s available what’s the price is that what I want I figured that’s just an easier way to do it.

So, this is important to understand that unit right there is two years old so, I ordered it’s almost two years old ordered July of 2018 from Amazon got it in and I’ve used that thing an incredible amount and have fantastic results with Electrical Pressure Washer for Cars and Home.

So, this is the smaller pump this is the smaller best electric pressure washer and then this is the comparable one that’s a little bit larger with then in this unit here has done my driveway and sidewalks twice has done the pool has done the patio deck has done some fencing.

I loaned it to Barb this winter and Barb 70-year-old widow went out did her in the higher driveway and all her sidewalks.

she had it for like a month and she’d do it a little bit at a time so this thing has been abused I take it out of the shed after six months I give it two poles starts right up so this one comes the only real difference

There are not many differences between these two but I think it has to come down with how you use it in the number of hours that you put on it first there’s a sweet spot for cleaning and that’s one thing I’ve learned.

The sweet spot for cleaning is about 8,000 cleaning unit so what does that mean you take your psi times your GPM and that’ll give you your cleaning units that’s kind of the formula that’s used and both of these are right about8,000 on the cleaning units at that point with the 3200 psi and 2.5 gallons per minute

You’ll never want anymore to clean I’m just telling you I think the biggest problem with best electric pressure washers and people buying electric pressure washers is they’re not sure if it’s gone have enough power for them.

This you will never ever want more power with these two units let me make that clear you can commercially pressure wash with these two units if you want yes, I’ve run truck-mounted $40,000.

Hot water systems and I’m telling you that you can effectively clean with these two things and clean anything you want now what’s the difference between these two units.

The first is the price and on the page down below if you go look at that page you’ll see the current price I’m gone Ballpark this for you that one is about369 shipped to your door that one is about 499 shipped to your door got that so that clues your shipping.

I’m also gone in a few minutes I’m gone put up how they come box wise and what I love about these units is there really is no assembly to them you just unbox.

It comes boxed beautifully you unbox it you just put to get put the handle on you hook the hose and put the oil and you’re all set to go so that’s wonderful I hate assembling stuff another important point is both of these are made in the USA.

Let me tell you why now I want to stress this I have no affiliation with this company what’s ever none I’ve talked to their tech support.

I’ve picked up a phone and I’ve talked to their tech support two or three times over the years you can do that these things are made in the USA a lot of people claim they are but these units are made in the USA number one this is actually

The Simpson is the smaller company of a larger company it’s a branch they make commercial cleaning units and commercial cleaning equipment.

They also make their own water pumps so they make the water pumps they make an OEM brand and then they make a triple a brand.

So, their own company supplies the water pumps for these units I think that’s really important next let’s talk about custom branding.

If you have something maybe like a DE Walt or not guess who probably made that unit Simpson probably made it they do a lot of private labeling work.

So, if you look at these you say man that sure looks like that northern total tool unit bought guess what there’s a good chance that Simpson made it slap their labels and brand on it.

So, Simpson is kind of this is their business this is what they do make that clear so I buy these units I order them off Amazon I use them test them and I give you my feedback and I’m just going to show you the difference between the two model there’s not a huge difference for the money but I think I’m still sort of torn between the two of them for the average Electrical Pressure Washer for Cars and Home, homeowner that pulls a pressure washer out a few times a years and may unit one full day or two full day.

I still think that’s probably one of the better units and the reason being is it’s small you can pick it up the weight on that one is about 62 pounds the weight on that one is about 85 pounds on ballparking and I don’t have the exact numbers.

Here so weight difference you’ve got about 20 pounds difference in weight that’s super light super small but it again very closes 3,200 psi 3300 psi 2.5gallons per minute 2.5 gallons per minute they’re very close on all their specs the main difference is I’ll show you the few feature differences.

engineering desk

I will do want to make a note that my older unit did not come with the pneumatic wheels the 10-inch pneumatic wheels like this one has the just looked and now they do have if you order the smaller unit it does come with them pneumatic.

Wheels just like this one does so they have upgraded that it comes with your hose your wand all your tips it comes with everything that you’re gone need for basic pressure washing and I’m gone show you accessories and the must-have accessory.

Here in a minute okay so this unit this unit has the Honda GC 190 which is a smaller unit very few a small gas tank I can put this you run that thing I forget how many hours you can run that thing it’s just very economical to run gas wise this one has a gx210 a ton of these JC’s over at the shop and they’re great little engines people a lot of people say.

You need to be at a GX this is just a larger sized engine that’s all it is a little bit more horsepower and a larger engine so the engine is one difference the next difference.

The next difference is the water pump so this unit comes with an OEM brand pump now that’s the ones that they actually make okay so they actually make om it comes with an OEM pump and It has an overheating ballast on it as well- this unit comes with a little bit larger.

The beefier triple-a pump has at ripple a pump does have the heat release valve on it but here’s one additional feature that this has a pressure adjustment so if I wanted to reduce my pressure down I can back it off or I keep it turn to the right so I can lower the PSI through this right there.

The other unit does not have that feature as far as features go that’s about it so a little bit different water pump a little bit beefier water pump has a one-year warranty on it that water pump has a five-year warranty on it this engine has a two year warranty on it.

One has a three year warranty and again sixty-five pounds versus 83pounds overall cleaning wise and pressure-wise now this one really doesn’t have I have yet to find and I’m sure there’s a way to do it this one really doesn’t have an adjustable throttle on it when you start it the throttle is set and it runs at that and it delivers your 3200 psi this one does have an adjustable throttle on it just like all your regular Honda’s on it.

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You can really crank that thing up and get some really high cleaning pressure I’m an average homeowner I pull it out a couple times a year and I use it for half a day that’s the unit you want to go with I’m more of a farm owner big homeowner.

I’m a contractor I own a yard service and I’m pulling it out every week and I’m using it a ton hours is the time I think I really think the difference is the amount of hours that you use this thing is going to take a ton of abuse and a ton of power a ton of  hours that one is not both you can get extended warranties from Amazon which is a great warranty by the way.

You can get two or three year extended warranty on top of the manufacturer’s warranty it runs typically they run like 29 to$59 if you want to look at those now let’s talk about the accessories the unit’s come with all of your tips the unit’s come let me show you the black inlet hose all of these have a hose suction device or a soap suction device.

so it has a little COEs okay so here is right here is your hose you stick this stick this end into a cleaning bottle so you stick this end right hereinto into your bottle bleach or soap or whatever you want and it sucks in rights there okay that’s where it sucks in so it does not go through the pump system.

It only goes through the discharge rights there that’s why you can run anything you want through it but all of these rights there see if it comes with a zero 15 2540 and a soap this soap tip you have to have that soap tip in for the suction to engage it’s a very low pressure.

So, that’s the only time if this valve opens up and allows intake into here so it goes out through your hose remember this is not the end this is the pressure out this is your in alright let me talk about accessories real quick and while I’m here because this is an important one okay.

So, basically your unit is like this it’s hard sometimes to reach in there and you got a hot muffler here so what I always do the best accessory for any pressure washer is this little extension right there has a little spring on it cost you like five bucks and I put a link to that on.

The page below matter of fact I think I even put a link to a two pack of these because I use them all the time.

I even have only if you look there’s also one on this unit too same thing I always do it always have one on it the unit comes with oh that’s about a what an 18-inch one basically In ever use this unless I’m doing something like a fence as an example you want to get a thirty to thirty three inch extension along so that you can use the surface cleaner you’re standing upright.

I’m using my surface cleaner and I’ll show you that here in a minute this is the surface cleaner now I’m gone be doing a video on I’ve ordered five of these things for you guys this one right there goes out of stock all the time but it’s my favorite and it’s pretty beefy now this one is what two years old almost it’s pretty beefy and of course it has this you’ll see it those little  nozzles it has little jet nozzles here it spins around has brushes.

what happens is you don’t get any spray on you whatsoever okay any mud bouncing back up when you miss the concrete you must have one of these if you are cleaning concrete every professional company not someone that charges money to do this every professional company people that understand high-tech pressure washer cleaning will always show up to clean your driveway with a surface cleaner it reduces your labor almost fifty percent

I would say it doesn’t blow dirt all over your lawn it doesn’t tear apart things if some ones how if someone were to show up to clean my driveway without a surface cleaner It old him to go away I would especially tell him to go away if they showed up to clean my pool because pool decks are a different type of cement it’s a very fine cement.

You don’t want a wand because you can actually etch it you always clean pools with a surface cleaner and they make surface cleaners that are enormous they make three tiers of them they can go up to $700professional companies use surface cleaner so let’s see must-have always use the 0g hose.

I don’t use the big green one I only use the small 5/8 ways use zeros G hose on this after I shut down I’ll show you I went ahead and grabbed some clip of me actually doing this you want to put a little bit of pump saver inside this pump you do that every time.

You’ll never have a problem with your pumps one of the problems people end up having a problem is with their pumps is because they don’t use a pump saver every time they shut it down or every time they store fuel really try and find  than oil-free gas all my gas cans now or ethanol free because

I finally had a station that started carrying ethanol free gas it’s expensive it’s one and a half to two times more than normal gas but it’ll keep your interior parts and metal parts from rusting that’s the whole key to corrosion is one of the keys for ethanol free yes you can add products in there that protect against it.

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Cobble Driveway Pressure Washing by Caucasian Worker.

If you don’t but you if you’re going to use an ethanol included gas always use some kind of stable or something with the ethanol protection in it I really think the only decision between these two units is the amount of hours that you’re gone put on this I can’t tell you how many thousands of these things we have sulfur Simpson off of my referral thousands of them it’s now it’s now one of the top sellers on Amazon that unit there the only time.

I think you should go to that unit is if you can do a lot of pressure washing let’s say you own a grass company a grass cutting company you want to include pressure washing in your business you could use that one you could definitely do that you could actually use on a commercial level and feel comfortable with it so anyways we went out we tested these Mal in was here we tested these with.

We started doing some pressure washing testing with the surface cleaner and again we don’t use any chemicals on our cement because we don’t want those chemicals going into our lawn you will actually take off every time you clean concrete you will take like I don’t know how many thousands of an inch off the top of that concrete.

So, there really is no reason for a cleaner unless you have something like an oil stain you do not have to use cleaners it’ll be bright white without any cleaner whatsoever of course that’s always a debate where weal ways start a bar fight how is just bleach because of mold what okay dude whatever you don’t understand how mold works and you don’t understand.

You don’t understand that there is fifty to a hundred thousand mold spores in every cubic yard of air and it consistently comes back in the only way that mold and mildew can survive there’s through carbohydrates it’s a long story we’ll get into that later but not in this video one of the things I hate most in life is putting stuff together fortunately these things are simple it’s basically a handle and sometimes wheels so let’s take it out of the box.

Just look comes the handle with the short one all your tips comes with everything makes it so nice here’s your oil this comes with kind of a high end pump and this is your breather valve and there’s a little red valve that you need to put that in this unscrew this take that red plug off all these tips these are different these are different degrees except for the black one the black one is a soap one.

so if you happen to use the soap fill line you have your most using you have to have that black one you’re such a girl this one solvent sucker goes right here hey guys so I’m here with me today and we’re gone run both of these units and I’ve already done this test so I know the answer but I want her to run this test as well too I just want to run both of them to see if there’s any performance difference.

I want her to see if she can feel if there’s any performance issues between the two so side by side same a same surface cleaner attachment and we’ll just see if there’s any difference so let’s go ahead now, I’m gone go ahead and squeeze the handle for her but whenever.

You start one of these units always hold the handle otherwise you get back pressure on the pulp I don’t think you need to choke so what was our conclusion between the two units.

I think we both agreed the larger pressure washer which if you go to the page I think I haven’t shown as the larger one the large unit because it’s the larger engine because we were able to rev that engine all the way up rpm wise I think we felt a little more pressure matter of fact.

If you saw her she actually was using two hands to kind of hold down the surface cleaner because it almost wanted to hover a little bit but all in all the two have really the same cleaning capability I just think this one probably has a tiny bit more volume and a tiny bit more over all cleaning ability.

So if you want to run a pressure washer a lot if you want to have a ton of cleaning power and a long term and just run the living heck out of it and you’re gone put a lot of hours on it and go with the one that’s a  little more expensive if you’re like me if you’re the average homeowner that pulls.

It out a couple times a year and maybe uses it for a full afternoon I think this unit you just weigh the two out but again they both have about the same cleaning units because you’ve got3,200 psi 3300 psi and they’re both 2.5personal preference if you need to throw the thing into the bed of a truck.

I will tell you that I can lift this thing up all by myself the smaller one I can lift that thing up put it in my truck because it’s only 60 some pounds that one being over 80 pounds is a little more of a challenge you can definitely yank your background

so if you want to transport it around and throw it in a truck a smaller one the smaller one’s a little bit easier moving around the garage it kind of so either one the adjustment on the pressure the only time I can think about wanting to lower my adjustment without the RPMs maybe is if you want to wash a truck I guess.

I can’t think of anything else but like I said in the description below I’m going to link to that now May and one of her friends I think are going to come over and we’re gone do the full pressure king of the driveway click subscribe and then I’m gone test out these different surface cleaners we went we went all the way up to an 18 inch surface cleaner.

which by the way doesn’t really work that well with these units I just don’t think there was enough power behind it18 inch is kind of excessive it’s just too big the 15 inch and I will tell you that when you go to the page these surface cleaners have a tendency to runout of stock.

so I when you click on the surface cleaner link it’ll actually take you to a search page for all different kinds of surface cleaners in the 15 inch category you can pick and choose they were not that expensive and it’s the best investment you’ll ever make again if you have a swimming pool do not clean a swimming pool cement with a wand always use a surface cleaner barb like.

enginnering desk
Cleaning the wheel of a wooden sunbed with a high-pressure cleaner in the garden on a meadow showing the difference of the surface before and after cleaning

I said she borrowed that unit from me she did her entire unit with that surface cleaner that’s the same surface cleaner I’ve had for almost two year she did all her driveway and all her sidewalks all by herself and they’re gorgeous absolutely sparkling white no chemicals just water in a surface cleaner she was absolutely thrilled.

So, like I said I’ll link everything down on the page below I’ll try and do several different applications of this maybe the fence maybe some other house maybe someone brick all different kinds of stuff I hope you enjoyed it hope this helped

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