Computer Engineering vs software Engineering | Which Is Better It or Software Engineering

Computer Engineering vs software Engineering – Which Is Better It or Software Engineering?

So, you want to be a software engineer at Google. Pick a question, read The Prompt, write some code, run your code, write some more code.

So recently, I’ve been getting a lot of questions.

  1. What’s the difference between computer science and software engineering majors?
  2. If I want to become a software engineer, which measures should I choose?
  3. Which Is Better It or Software Engineering?
  4. Computer engineering and software engineering difference?
  5. Computer engineering and software engineering same?
  6. Computer engineering and software engineering the same?
  7. Computer engineering vs software engineering?
  8. Computer engineering vs software engineering salary?
  9. Computer engineering vs software engineering which is better?
  10. Computer science vs software engineering which is better?
  11. Computer Engineering vs software Engineering – Which Is Better It or Software Engineering?


Computer Engineering
Computer Engineering


I’m going to answer these questions in this article. So, a quick summary would be that computer science is the study of how come nice work from. Mostly the theoretical and mathematical perspective, while software, engineering is the study of how software systems are built from, more of a practical perspective.

So, it includes topics like software design, testing, and quality assurance. And actually, you could study either one to become a software engineer. But let’s see what the difference is Exactly in more detail and to do that, I’ve got to take a look at the difference between these two measures in one particular.

The University of Waterloo in Canada and I chose the University of Waterloo for this purpose because they have one of the best computer science programs in North America.

So, I’m going to take a look at a few different things.


First of all

job prospects, and then I’m going to take a look at the first year, course requirements. And then the course is required after the first year. And based on all of that, I’m going to draw my own conclusion as to, which measure is actually better to become a software engineer. Okay, let’s

So, jobs and internships you can get through each program. Luckily, the University of waterloo’s website provides a bunch of examples for this for Co-Op, or for internships, and full-time positions. I’m to compare the ones for computer, science and software, engineering, I pulled a bunch of examples here and for computer science. we have a bunch of developer and engineer positions.


Software Engineering
Software Engineering


web developer programmer, mobile and Cloud developer software engineering, and so on, they’re called by different names.

But They’re basically all software developers and software engineers.

  • We have a business analyst developer Advocate and product manager for software engineering.
  • We also have a bunch of software developer and software engineer positions here.

Technical product manager, consultants, and implementation Consultants.

So, what I took away from this list is that there isn’t a huge difference between the types of jobs, you can get through, either computer science or software, engineering. And the most common job you can get at through each program.

A software developer or software engineer. And these two things are basically the same thing called by slightly different names.

There other related options too.

Software Engineering
Software Engineering

 For example,

product manager, technology consultant, and QA analyst depending on your skillset.

  • So, to get a better idea about what you would actually study in each program.
  • Let’s take a look at the first year. Of course, requirements.
  • So, I pulled these requirements from, again, the University of Waterloo it’s the website and they’re actually.

Pretty similar in computer science, we have a few computer sciences, fundamental courses. And it’s same thing, is software, engineering, it’s designing functional programs and algorithm design and computer science.

Math requirements, we have some linear algebra and calculus courses that are the same in software. The only difference is that after these math and computer science requirements,

you can take a few electives in computer science while in software engineering. To take a bunch of electrical engineering required courses and then one software, engineering course.

what about the courses you need to take after the first year?

After the first year, you need to take a lot more courses.

  1. So, I group them by category so that it’s easier to compare the first category we have here is the common computer science and software engineering courses that you need to take in both computer science and software engineering. when I saw this list, I was actually pretty Rise. Because there is a lot of commonalities between computer science and software engineering.
  2. So, we have data structures and data management foundations of Secrets or programming logic and competition algorithms, and then operating systems, and computer, organization, and design. And the second category
  3. I have here is the record computer science or software, engineering courses that are required for only one major, but not the other one for computer science.


We only have one Which is object-oriented software development, which is really important for any type of modern software development, and for software engineering, we have a lot. You have some principles of user interfaces concurrent and parallel programming software testing design, requirements discussion, and Analysis. And on top of that, I’ve designed a project.


It actually seems like a lot of work for software engineering here. Okay. Let’s finish this up by comparing a few more requirements in computer science. You only have a few more science, electives, and then several more. Computer science, electives, you can actually choose them from a wide range of topics, including security software, engineering fundamentals, computer vision, machine learning, and so on.

software engineering, you have a few more requirements for engineers. So that’s


  • chemistry for engineers, computer networks, and then engineering economics. Apparently, plus a few more computer science and electrical engineering electives. So, I think a consistent pattern that we see here is that there are a lot more Meents in software engineering while you can take more electives in computer science.
  • So, at this point, you might say something like, wait, why can’t I get what I would study in each measure.


Computer Science
Computer Science

Which measure should I really choose?

I think it actually depends on your preferences. So, you should choose computer science if you like math or logic or if you want to get into a specialized field in computer science.

Whether it’s security Graphics machine learning or artificial intelligence. You should choose software engineering, if you’re more interested in the Hands-On approach, or if you’re interested in learning the overall life cycle of how software systems are built and maintained. But wait, you might say which one is actually a better measure than to become a software engineer. So, here’s my opinion about that.


What’s good, man?


Software Engineering
Software Engineering


At this particular University with this particular set of program requirements, it seems like computer science is a better measure to become a software engineer to explain why I say that just for Simplicity for now. Let’s just say you’re hoping to get one of the highest-paying jobs as a software engineer in North America.

these jobs typically pay, you know, about a hundred thousand dollars or even more. And these jobs are typically at a large software company, for example, Microsoft, Amazon, or Google, Or at a medium-sized high-growth company.

  1. So, think, Dropbox Pinterest, Snapchat, and so on, and of course, not everyone wants to get this kind of job, but let’s just say for Simplicity, for now, that’s, you know, at least one of your options.
  2. So typically, what these companies look for in a software engineer candidate is the ability to write solid code and build interesting projects as well as, you know, your computer science fundamentals, including data, structures, and algorithms.


Software Engineering
Software Engineering
  • I think the best way to cultivate these skills is by quickly learning computer, science fundamentals, and then spending your own time after that, practicing solving problems, writing code,
  • and building interesting projects.
  • I think, based on the curriculum for software engineering and based on how busy, you know, engineering students tend to be in general.
  • I think it would be much much harder to do that with software engineering than, with computer science, because, with software, engineering would be just so much busy.

The required courses and another benefit of this particular computer science program are that it allows much more computer science electives, and that’s great because based on what’s in demand in the job market, You know, right out the time you graduate you can adjust your courses.


So, for example,

If mobile app development is in demand right now, you can learn that. If machine learning happens to be in the market right now, Then you can focus on that instead. So, I’m sure there are some Um, benefits to learning software engineering fundamentals.


It vs Computer Engineering
It vs Computer Engineering

For example,

Software testing and design and some. But I would personally rather take flexibility over a predefined set of skills. And that’s why I think computer science is a better measure to become a software engineer with this particular set of program requirements at least.

Once again, that’s just my opinion based on one particular University. There are a few more things to keep in mind. First of all, obviously, different universities, have different program requirements.


For these two measures.


Computer science vs software engineering
Computer science vs software engineering

The Article should be a good starting point but before you Side. You should definitely take a look at the program requirements at the particular University. You’re interested in attending, and the second thing to keep in mind is that some universities don’t even have a software engineering major.


For example

The university I went to the University of  British Columbia in Vancouver, it doesn’t have a software engineering major, even though it has computer science and computer engineering.

  • So, if the university you want to go to doesn’t have a software engineering major, I would just go with Computer science, if you want to become a software engineer.
  • So, Computer Engineering is more focused on Hardware than software engineering, or computer science major.
  • So, it’s less directly related to a typical software developer’s job.

I’m kind of curious. What’s your opinion on this?

Do you agree with me or disagree with me and also what was your experience like if you measured in computer science or software engineering?

Let me know in a comment.

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