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Course Title: Feedback System Analysis and Design question

Electric and Electronics Engineering Feedback System Analysis and Design question.

There are 5 (Five) questions. Answer all the questions. Allocating marks are indicated in the right margin. Assume a reasonable value of any data if not provided. Unless otherwise stated, the symbols bear the usual meaning.



Question Description PO, CO Bloom’s Level Marks
1. Classify stability. Find out the stability of the following system from the pole-zero plots and verify your findings from time-domain representations.

G(s) =       (S + 2)

S 2 -15S + 56

PO 3,

CO 3

C4 20
2. Define Time constant, Rise time, Settling time, and Overshoot. Calculate peak value for a system that has 300% overshoot with unity steady-state/ final value. PO 1,

CO 1

C1 20
3. Describe the rules of sketching root locus. Sketch the root locus for the

unity feedback system shown in the Figure 1 for G(s) = (s + 7)(s + 6)

(s – 4)(s -1)


Figure 1

PO 5,

CO 5

C6 20


4. Identify the transfer function, T (s) = C(s) for the signal flow graph in


Figure 3




Figure 3

PO 9,

CO 5

C4 20
5. A temperature control system operates by sensing the difference between the thermostat setting and the actual temperature and then opening a fuel valve an amount proportional to this difference. Sketch a functional closed-loop block diagram identifying the input and output transducers, the controller, and the plant. Further, identify the input and output signals of

all subsystems previously described.

PO 2

CO 2

C3 20


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