Microprocessor Systems and Interfacing Question | EEE Engineering

Course No.: EEN 373

Course Title: Microprocessor Systems and Interfacing Question                                    Full Marks: 100


There are 5 (Five) questions. Answer all the questions. Allocating marks are indicated in the right margin. Assume a reasonable value of any data if not provided. Unless otherwise stated, the symbols bear the usual meaning.



Question Description PO, CO Bloom’s Level Marks
1. Following data are loaded starting at offset 0004h:

A                             DW            2AB9h

B                              DW            2BCDh

C                              DB            ‘Mango’

a)        Give the offset address assigned to variables A, B, C

b)       Give the contents of the byte at offset 0005h in hex.

c)        Give the contents of the byte at offset 0007h in hex.

d)       Give the offset address of the character “g” in ‘Mango’.

PO 1,

CO 1

C2 20
2. Write assembly programs for each of the following instructions and give the values of DX, AX, and CF/OF after each of the following instructions is executed.

a)        MUL BX, if AX contains FFFBh and BX contains FFFAh

b)       IMUL BX, if AX contains FFFBh and BX contains FFFAh

PO 3,

CO 3

C5 20
3. Build a for loop in Assembly/ Python/ MATLAB that will take a student’s grades in twelve subjects in percentages as input and provide an average

grade of all twelve subjects in percentage as output.

PO 5,

CO 5

C3 20
4. For each of the following instructions, give the new destination contents and the new settings of SF, AF, PF, ZF, CF, and OF. Suppose that the flags are initially 0 in each part of the question.

Instruction: ADD AX, BX where AX contains 8000h and BX contains FFFFh.

PO 4,

CO 4

C2 20


5. Write a program to display the extended ASCII characters (ASCJI codes 80h to FFh). Display 10 characters per line, separated by blanks. Stop after the extended characters have been displayed once. PO 2,

CO 2

C1 20

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